Finding Our Rhythm – Epiphany

“Finding Our Rhythm” continues with Epiphany.

Once when I was teaching a Small Wonders oil painting class at the Grunewald Guild, I was poised to take a photo (for painting inspiration) of a perfectly petaled little yellow wildflower. I pressed the camera button right at the moment she dropped a petal at my feet. At first I felt a pang of disappointment, then my heart melted as I realized the tenderness of the moment.

The first image is the photograph; the second, my oil painting.

“Eureka! I have just awakened to a long-standing reality that an inner unveiling has finally allowed me to see!” -Dr. Barbara Holmes, Race and the Cosmos

Veils are like petals

Unveiling in breezes barely noticed,

Bringing us to our knees and

Helping us see.

This is part of an artwork series, “Finding Our Rhythm in the Fullness of Time,” commissioned for Valparaiso University’s Institute of Liturgical Studies gathering in April 2023. More info about that event here –

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