Finding Our Rhythm – Transfiguration

Love, suffering, and wonder dilate time. When we become their pupils, our seeing is transfigured.

Somewhere recently I read a transfiguration reflection that suggested that it was the disciples’ eyes that were transfigured that moment they saw Jesus on the mountain shining like the sun. (Anyone else reminded of Thomas Merton’s 4th and Walnut vision?)

I also recently listened to an NPR segment that wow’ed me. While almost all the cells of our bodies regenerate, there are three that remain the same our whole lives: about 1/2 of the heart, neurons in the brain (their connections change), and the core/center cells of the lenses of our eyes… the unique window through which we see.

This is work in process, part of an ongoing series, “Finding Our Rhythm in the Fullness of Time,” commissioned for Valparaiso University’s Institute of Liturgical Studies gathering in April 2023. More info about that event here –

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