Finding Our Rhythm – Reformation

Every eight years the dance of Venus and Earth create the pattern called the Rose of Venus. You can see a video of their dance here –

Martin Luther used the 5-petaled rose in his seal, designed in 1530. It was an expression of his theology and faith.

“All love is light’s battle against the entropy continually inclining spacetime toward nothingness, against the hard fact that you will die, and I will die, and everyone we love will die, and what will survive of us are only shoreless seeds and stardust.” -Maria Popova

Love is an open, expansive circle,

a “shoreless seed” in our stardust hearts.

As the seed is nourished, it opens in us

a new way of seeing,

an integrated way of being.

This is work in process, part of a collection, “Finding Our Rhythm in the Fullness of Time,” commissioned for Valparaiso University’s Institute of Liturgical Studies gathering in April 2023. More info about that event here –

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