Good Friday

“…[T]rue eternity…, rather than being opposed to time, is revealed in the very heart of temporal existence.” -an observation of Olivier Clément from James K. A. Smith’s How To Inhabit Time, p. 76-77

“God knows what it is to feel abandoned by God.

God is with you in that terrible aloneness.

Your longing is God.

Nothing, not even the sense that God has abandoned you,

can separate you from God.

And that cross, that tomb, because God is in it,

is unable to be final or complete…”

—excerpts from Steve Garnaas-Holmes’ Unfolding Light meditation, “Eli, Eli”

James K. A. Smith will be one of the plenary speakers at Valparaiso’s ILS gathering in a couple weeks. As I reread his book to prepare for the gathering, I am partnering passages with the gold bits in my paintings. Here’s info about the gathering –

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