Life Abounds! A Joyous Easter to you!

“The creation that is our home, the incubator of now, is dynamic. Creation’s being is becoming.” -James K. A. Smith, How to Inhabit Time, p. 101

“There is a profound element of automatic redemption deep within the life process itself. … If our spirits are relaxed at their nerve center, we commit ourselves to this will to wholeness and go on living each day with confidence, doing the next right thing with quiet enthusiasm. The amazing wonder of it all is, that life abounds in all variety of resources and resourcefulness. Every moment is a divine encounter, every facet is an exposure to the boundless energies by which life is sustained and our spirits made whole.” -Howard Thurman, Meditations of the Heart, p. 105-106

A joyous Easter to you!


James K. A. Smith will be one of the plenary speakers at Valparaiso’s ILS gathering on April 17-19, 2023. As I reread his book to prepare for the gathering, I am partnering passages with the gold bits in my paintings. Here’s info about the gathering –

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