The Dance of Love

“What is art but the practiced discipline of evoking but not pinning down?” -James K. A. Smith, How to Inhabit Time, p. 105

This passage reminds me of a conversation called “Thirsting for God” with Wendy Farley. She talks about women mystics describing the nature of God’s love. It’s wisdom I return to over and over. Check it out if you have a half-hour… In Search Of Thirsting for God with Wendy Farley. The whole conversation is amazing, but at 16:00, she blows me away with talk about the Trinity before creation.

Had I known this epiphany image was going to lead me to perichoresis, the dance of love, I perhaps would have chosen a more trinitarian celtic design. Could it be that this design invites our participation in the dance?

James K. A. Smith will be one of the plenary speakers at Valparaiso’s ILS gathering on April 17-19, 2023. As I reread his book to prepare for the gathering, I am partnering passages with the gold bits in my paintings. Here’s info about the gathering –

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