Roots, Seeds, Now… Ready, Set, Go

“Redemption is… a ‘gathering up’ of our histories, a taking up of what time has wrought. … Eternity bears the marks of our now.” -James K. A. Smith, How To Inhabit Time, p. 174

In Smith’s Acknowledgments, he writes, “I don’t think I’ve taken the full measure of how much an encounter with Gustavo Gutiérrez’s Theology of Liberation in the mid 1990’s has shaped my thinking over the years. That influence has been subterranean…” (p. 175)

I felt a nod this morning when I read “subterranean” given yesterday’s impulse to put a root on the dandelion. I too have deep gratitude for special people, met in the 90’s, whose lives bear witness to liberation theology.

So, this is it. This is the final painting in my “Finding Our Rhythm in the Fullness of Time” collection. The 16 works will travel with me on Monday to the Institute for Liturgical Studies gathering.

Thank you, Friends, for all your encouragement along the way!

One thought on “Roots, Seeds, Now… Ready, Set, Go

  1. Maggie Hill says:

    Dear Vonda,
    Advent and Ordinary Time are still sitting on tabs on my desktop, where I’ve been visiting them regularly. This last one will join them. What a precious gift these have been. I’m really short on words to reflect what I’m seeing in them, but something about balance and rhythm in relationship with the Holy One–very consoling in difficult and turbulent times. A bow of grateful wonder to you!

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