Support Black Joy

My friend, Rhonda Hill, is the founder of Race & Faith, a faith-based organization challenging racial inequities and advancing understanding to foster a more just world.

Rhonda has created the Black Joy Retreat. She writes, “While we recognize racial trauma is real, so is Black joy. We recognize the power to heal when we are together. So, we want to do just that, heal together. Creating this space for Black individuals and families to have fun and rest in an affirming, safe atmosphere is essential to that healing.”

With any size gift to Race & Faith, you are welcome to download the image below for your personal use.

You’re on the Honor System. 🙂

The Story of This Artwork

July 2020 – This image was created during a Grünewald Guild class called Imaging & Transforming. The creative process included overlapping shapes being transformed as they came into relationship with one another.

On the last day of the class, the work was half-complete when I learned of John Lewis’s death. I woke up that night at 2:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was compelled to finish the work.

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