April 6


I love this little story from Cynthia Bourgeault’s Mystical Hope: A nun, after her first try at centering prayer during a workshop led by Thomas Keating, came up to him in great frustration. “I’m such a failure at this prayer,” she said. “In twenty minutes of sitting I’ve had ten thousand thoughts.” “How lovely,” Fr. Keating responded, without so much as batting an eye, “Ten thousand opportunities to return to God!”

Tell me, Mother Earth.

Who lets go? The tree or leaf?

“No matter,” says Love.


Love rolls the stone away.

Love anointed Jesus’ feet.

Love also sends us out to make the baked oatmeal.


Not exactly sure what’s happening in this image… maybe it’s a River coming out of the sky? All I can say is that when I read these words from an Icelandic immigrant, “Never underestimate what knowing you will always have food, shelter, childcare, and education will do for your creativity,” I was reminded of the words of a beloved Guild faculty who told me something very similar when describing the creative boost he receives while being at the Guild.

We have this crazy dream to explore the theme “River Flow” at the Grünewald Guild this year. Come be part of this art/faith/community culture.


“From within this loving relationship [the Trinity], the Christ came forth to draw us back (through the enfleshed Jesus) to where we all originally came from.” ~Richard Rohr Daily Meditation


Time after time Jesus redefines the center at society’s edges. … Reflecting on and creating with the theme of the 2016 TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod Assembly, ‘Spirituality from the Edges.’


Pondering this piece from yesterday’s Easter sermon… Another response to “He Is Risen” could be “And We Rise, Too!”


Notes from worship today at Living Word Lutheran Church


Notes from Living Word Lutheran Church’s Adult Ed Series, “Path to the Cross” with Ray Vander Laan.


yesterday’s creation while practicing the prayer of examen with The Way for LEAD

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